The Day I Decided to Start My Own Blog

…Was some five years back. Yes I am a grand planner like that.I make lofty plans and then they fizzle out faster than a bottle of those no good sodas. So finally here’s my first blog post. Fingers crossed. Here’s why I have finally decided to take a plunge into the blogging world-

I have started taking my writing work seriously and that is because after 10 years of marriage and 6 years of motherhood, this is ALL that I am left with when I think of ‘’ Working Skills’’. Of course I can do laundry, grocery and random acts of cooking and cleaning, scream like a banshee to control the kids and husband alike and be the social butterfly if I want to be…but who will pay me for that?

So here’s the blog. Please give it some tender love and care. I start with ‘’ I promise you nothing’’ kind of zero expectations. Hopefully, you (yes you my sweet little angel faced READER) and I will take it to someplace beautiful.



10 thoughts on “The Day I Decided to Start My Own Blog

  1. Wow Yammy super happy n excited fr my super writer blogging…..its alwz been a pleasure reading ur write-ups n nw aa regular informative blog is icing on the cake….so much gyaan to inherit hereon ….all the bst sweetz n keep blogging


  2. Awsome start with as if u were made for this blogging world …..keep going dear inspire other also with ur word power .
    Best of luck


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