FindUrClass solves the mystery of What to do on a Weekend

It all started with me winning a contest on an amazing Facebook Mommy group called First Mom’s Club. The number of hours I spend on Facebook and the secret competitive streak that I have…this was sure to come (Sly laughter hehe). FindUrClass along with  First Mom’s club gave me passes to attend their weekend activity class.


Now, a little bit about FindUrClass– The great folks at FindUrClass firmly believe that activities and hobbies should be promoted and nurtured. They should be an integral part of growing up. We as parents agree wholeheartedly however, when it comes to zeroing in on an activity which the whole family can indulge in, becomes an uphill task. Add to it the issue of limited time on the parents’ hands to find the right kind of activity and we all take to a shortcut of going either to a mall or a park at max. End of story. Nah! Here’s where FindUrClass steps in. They connect you to the suitable activity in your area in a hassle free way. Check out their website and their FB page  and you’ll know what I am talking about.
So for this family activity pass that I won, there were a number of activities spread over a number of areas and dates which you can pick and choose according to your inclination and location. There was Mission go green which was about environmental awareness, then there was Family Masterchef – a hot favourite where the whole family cooked up a storm, the Art Room- all about scissors and glue and googly eyes and then the Sherlock family where the family played sleuth to solve a mystery. After much contemplation and greediness on my part, I chose Sherlock Family as our activity after consulting my five-year old son.
On a glorious Sunday afternoon, all spit polished and dressed to impress, we,the Singhs, started for our venue Mount Litera School,Bandra. The venue was a spacious, well-lit air-conditioned hall, cheerfully done up with balloons and with Pink panther theme being played on loop. The stage was set!


The most fun part was the photo booth with a number of props to get creative and silly. The kids loved it. Our activity conductor Joulyn Kenny was a petite looking powerhouse who quickly had us hooked to the activity. She handed us some case papers and we became all business like. She gave us a brief background of the crime, suspects, and the information we had in the file. She made us familiar with what a ‘’crime scene”, ‘’alibi” or a ‘’motive’ ‘means in a language easy enough for the young minds to understand. She then took us through various procedures involved while investigating a crime like clues recovered from the crime scene, checking the phone data or the bank accounts to understand why or how a crime happened.


One of the interesting activity was to see how finger prints are dusted and secured from a crime scene. My son was totally enthralled when he had to wear a lab coat, head cover, gloves and was handed over a magnifying glass to ‘’look” for clues. He was so taken in that he might have gone around the entire campus with that magnifying glass looking at random objects.


There was a ‘’crime scene” (see picture 3) with a number of objects (clues) strewn about and we were to make an entry in the case file about each object and our observation about them. There was also a cryptic clue given in our case files which we were to solve. We were given a time slot to question Joulyn so she can tell us if we are headed in the right direction with the investigation. At the end of it, she revealed to us about the investigation, our hunches were they right or totally off track and the ultimate revelation of the killer.
At the end, we were served refreshments and all the kids got a goodie bag which made them super happy. We also got a print of the family picture that we got clicked in the photo booth.
The Pros– FindUrClass has definitely come up with a novel idea to engage in activities which help families bond over various activities and spend their time constructively. Much BETTER than those malls and their noisy, good for nothing game zones. This activity also had a free bonus activity attached about which I’ll be writing in my next post.
The Cons– Basically none. However as I live in Navi Mumbai, I want them to organise and conduct activities in my part of the world too. Convincing hubby to travel to the back of the beyond on a Sunday is a task. Else…a big thumbs up to FindUrClass and First Mom’s Club. You people rock.
Disclaimer- though I won these passes for free from FindUrClass and First Moms Club, opinions are all mine and super honest as well.


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