Book Review – Many Lives Many Masters By Brian Weiss


Though I am a voracious reader, I also consider myself a very fickle reader. I find myself reading more fiction and less of the serious stuff. Not that I can’t handle heavy duty stuff but the thing is I am in a phase where sitting with a book for say even 15 minutes is a luxury, with 2 kids running riot across the house at all times. In such situations, ‘’read and forget’’ type of pulp fictions are easy to handle. You can get into them even with the attention span of a squirrel.
But still, something pulled me to pick this one up. Also, in my opinion, losing a loved one puts you face to face with certain unavoidable question about life and death AND life after death. Some visit holy places, some perform acts of charity, some take up meditation in search of answers. I have always found solace in reading therefore this was my approach. And I know it’s an ongoing process…if this book has answered some questions, some new ones have popped up which were not there before.
The book is a peek into therapy sessions of Catherine, written from the PoV of Brian Weiss- her psychiatrist. Catherine is a bunch of nerves when she starts therapy. When standard methods of treatment don’t work with her, Dr Weiss tries hypnotherapy. Through past life regression, Catherine visits many of her past births and explores the reasons behind her phobias. The point where she sees herself for the first time in her past life is so hard hitting that you will definitely have goose bumps reading it. It talks of the cycle of birth and death, the resting period between two births and how we are tied up to other souls- how we keep coming back in each other’s life, beyond births…in different relationships. During the resting period, some of the ‘’masters’’ from this dimension also speak to Dr Weiss through Catherine.
If I would have read this book say ten years back, I would have trashed it completely. But having read other trash on this same topic, I feel that this effort is a sincere one. The book has been written based on the recorded sessions of Catherine and they have an authentic touch to it. And it doesn’t tries too hard else it would have been a turnoff. What has really astonished me even more is that the BASIC knowledge we have about life and death is so true that we need not complicate it any further. The masters stress on peace, love, hope and charity. How simpler can it get? We have always been told that we are tied up to certain souls over and beyond births…and the most horrible sin is killing someone. We have no right to take life. THAT is all. In spite of being a non-practising Hindu, I am amazed that the Hindu philosophy talks of these basic rules only- I mean I have been hearing these fundas since my childhood.
My take away from this book is that the circle of life is simple. The rules of the universe are simple. All religions speak about these basic conducts with a tweak here and there, unless we are hell bent on complicating things with rituals and divisions and sub divisions over caste and what not, not to forget, ‘’ mine is better than yours’’ foolery.
This was the first book that I read on past life regression and parapsychology. Needless to say, I‘ll be delving into it more. ‪#‎BookReview‬‪#‎ManyLivesManyMasters‬ ‪#‎BrianWeiss‬


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