Out You Go!

Good Knight Fabric Roll On Launch by Lara Dutta And Mahesh Bhupathi


We live in a gated complex with 3 huge landscaped gardens. In a city like Mumbai, it is nothing short of a blessing. However, I am still afraid to send my kids outdoors. Nopes, not for security reasons but for health reasons!  Our complex is situated near a creek with mangroves growing right outside our boundary wall that means mosquitoes- a lot of them- are always very dominant in the open spaces. With the scare of Dengue and Chickengunya looming large, I keep giving my kids lame excuses like it’s too sunny/dark/cloudy/hot/humid etc. etc. etc. to go and play outside. I look at their long faces staring wistfully at park swings and curse myself for my paranoia. What to do? Aren’t my fears backed by solid, scary statistics?

High heavens have heard my prayers I guess because recently I attended the launch of Good Knight 100 % Natural Fabric Roll On.   Good Knight is a Flagship brand under Godrej Consumer Products Ltd, A brand we have trusted since years. It is a super easy to use personal mosquito repellent. Just four dots on your clothes and you are set. It gives you 8 HOURS of constant protection against mosquito bites. It was launched by Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi- A pair that I have admired for years- Lara for her wit and Mahesh for his sturdy sportsman persona. They have a four year old daughter and when they spoke highly of this product, I could connect because they spoke as parents and not as celebs.


Both of them reminisced about their childhood days when spending time outside was a given. Lara told how tomboyish she was and as soon as she used to reach home from school, used to gulp down her lunch and was out of the doors to play till the lights came on. Mahesh said that he too has spent almost ninety percent of his childhood on the tennis court.  They admitted that with the changing times, the quality outdoor time that kids get to spend has been severely hit. What with highrise style of living, lesser open spaces to play,add to that the threat of daytime mosquito bites (as we all know Dengue mosquitoes bite in the day time).

Dr. Mukesh Sanklecha, Consultant Paediatrician at Bombay hospital, who was also present, stressed that kids should remain kids. Diseases shouldn’t rob them of the joys of childhood. He said that Good Knight 100% Natural Fabric Roll On is one of the safest products he has seen in latest times. As it never comes in direct contact with the skin, it can be used with kids who have sensitive skin or skin allergies.


Lara told that she used to get anti-mosquito patches imported for her daughter and used to be unsure of the chemical composition of those patches. Also, the imported ones were obliviously costly as well.   With the launch of Good Knight Fabric Roll On, which is 100% natural made from citronella and eucalyptus oil, and is priced at only Rs 75, BOTH these issues are resolved for good.

As a mother, she pointed out these salient features of Good Knight Fabric Roll On which I find totally relevant as a parent –

  • 100% Natural so no fear of chemicals being applied.
  • It is to be applied on clothes- so no direct contact with skin (bye bye to those sticky creams that used to make us sweat so much)
  • Easy to apply- four dots on your clothes. Ta Da!
  • Leaves no stains on the clothes and has a mild, pleasant fragrance.
  • Comes with a loop on top which can be attached to key chains/hand bags just like we do with hand sanitizers- very practical for a mom on the move.
  • 75 only for a monthly bottle.

Ahh! I ALSO got to play Quiz Master to Lara and Mahesh in a fun Myth Buster Quiz. Do check the video attached!

Good Knight 100% Natural Fabric Roll On is now available in your nearest grocery/medical store and also online on websites like Amazon and Big Basket.



4 thoughts on “Out You Go!

  1. Well written about the product. The amazing part of the article is it relates to the childhood of the two generations and how the scenario has changed.
    As you spoke about your own kids , it certainly shows more conviction towards the product.
    Surely going to attract mothers 😊


  2. Thank you for stopping by Smrity and giving your valuable input. Yes…talking about the real life true incidents always finds a connect with moms…as we all are sailing in the same boat- trying to figure out the best possible for our kids. 😊


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