My Jug is Always Full.

Blogadda is asking about my ‘’Jug’’ but I have Jugs! Should we call them ‘’Juggas’’? Or ‘’JugSquare’’? I prefer ‘’Juggas’’ – sounds more badass!

My ‘’Juggas’’ live in the faraway land of US of A. For our convenience, let’s call them Su and Sh. Let me tell you how and when this SuSh Jugga pair came into my life. One of them, namely Su entered my life in the 2nd year of college. New girl joins, I enter the class and go- oh! you look familiar…I swear to god, that feeling of familiarity was so strong that this snippet from Dr Brian Weiss’s book Many Lives, Many Masters sums it up best-


Sh on the other hand was my school senior and though we knew each other well, we had ZERO connection. Some seven years after leaving school, we reconnected on Orkut (ahh! The good ol’ Orkut…may it rest in peace) and this time we connected for good. We were in same stages of our life- newly married and living in a faraway land, missing our hometown all the time. Obviously the bond grew rapidly. We also shared our first pregnancy in the way that our first-borns are just three months apart.

Now, Su and I have been really territorial about each other. Possessive like hell (we are still in our teens when it comes to that) and jealous and suspicious of any female friends we had. How in the world was I going to break the news that I have been having an extra-bestie affair on the sides! So this is how it took care of itself- Sh was carrying and was craving some Indian food stuff real bad. Coincidentally, Su was visiting India at the same time and I decided to send the stuff with her. While co-ordinating over the couriering details between two states in America, they, to my utter relief, loved each other’s simplicity and desi spark! Ta da!! Kaala teeka to that.

This JuggaSquare is the best kind of female bonding I could have ever thunk of! We discuss the sundry ‘’pati-bacche’’ stuff, the more complicated ‘’fights with hubby’’ stuff and of course the girly stuff like TV’s Greek Gods , latest shopping sprees and of course weight issues. But what really makes them my ‘’Jugs’’ (eww that sounds…”) is how they have stood by me in the toughest of my times. I lost my sister in an accident when my new-born was just three days old. There came a moment when at 4 am I was alone in the hospital with my daughter as rest of the family made travel preparations to go for the last rites. It was as gloomy as it can get- Death of someone real close- Hospital- 4 am, rains and thunder. I was at my wit’s end as to how to deal with a new-born and this immense grief… And then comes a phone call…

Now when I think of that phone call… I guess that was the best long distance hand-holding I have ever been part of. She said just the right things and let me went it out as well. I was like… ‘’look at the timing! Why it happened now…and she said- there’s never a right time for death…Made sense.

Ah! And we also play each other’s best mood lifters- office woes- vent here and get supported by ‘’you deserve better’’, serious fights- ‘’you are always right’’. Weight worries- sweety who said you are fat…you are perfect.

So this post is for my Juggas…my friends, philosophers and punch bags. ‘’Zindagi’’ is extra dear because of you two. Love you both to eternity and back!


am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda“.


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