Nirma Advance- Double whammy of Stain Removal and Hrithik’s Dance Moves!!


Few days back, my sonny boy won two medals at his annual sports meet. The end result made me absolutely happy but the built up was tough. No, no! Before you start imagining me waking him up at 4 AM, giving him Badam wala doodh and taking him out for running, my woes were more domestic type rather than the sporty type!

Due to his sports practice in school, he used to come home covered in at least an inch thick layer of dust- the kind that accumulates from the red gravel type soil we see in sports fields. Now, while I was able to give him a bath to bring him back to normalcy, his school uniform was a different story. No matter how much I soaked and rubbed and used the most elaborate wash cycle available on my washing machine, those stubborn reddish-brown stains just refused to go. They lightened alright, but their complete disappearance was a faraway dream. Clearly my detergent was not working and I was at my wit’s end.

During one such lunatic stupor when I was aimlessly pushing my shopping cart in the detergents section of the supermarket, I spotted the brand new pack of Nirma Advance.In my brain, to be honest, Nirma belongs to my mom’s era. In fact, in my growing up years, ‘’Nirma’’ was used in place of the word ‘’ detergent powder’’. Any detergent was by default called ‘’Nirma’’ It was not a brand but a phenomena. Also, have to give it to them that Nirma group gave the catchiest jingles- that image of the girl twirling in her white frock with the ‘’toyyyyen’’ sound and the jingle ‘’Washing powder Nirma…Nirma etc. etc.” forms an integral part of our nostalgic TV memories alongside Chitrahaar, Buniyad and Hum Log.


Anyways, so when I spotted the new pack of Nirma Advance, along with all those old world memories, what also popped up in my mind was the brand new commercial of Nirma Advance featuring our very own Bollywood Greek God Hrithik Roshan showing some serious dance moves. The video shows that Nirma has moved on and is serious about giving a tough run to the other swashbucklers in the arena.

My total adoration for Hrithik, his killer dance moves and drool worthy shirtless body (THANK YOU Nirma!!) aside, the proof was in the pudding which I was to put to test soon. I came home and put Nirma Advance to test right away.  In went the school uniform with some other laundry.

Sonny boy’s shirt came out looking decidedly whiter…no stains or their ghosts but that aside, what really surprised me were a pair of oven mittens. I wish I had taken a before and after pic. When I bought them, they were sunny yellow and when they went into the wash…they were some indecipherable shade of grey-black, sooty, sticky and very much icky. I must say Nirma Advanced is suitable to fight stubborn stains that are part and parcel of modern day living including my mad scientist baking experiments. The mitts came out so well washed that for a minute I thought they were not the ones that I put in my wash bucket!  With very little hand-rubbing, they came out looking as good as new!

So all I can say is with Hrithik Roshan as their brand ambassador, an image makeover of and the ever-trusted quality of their products, Nirma Advanced is set to give a tough time to stains in the luxury detergent section. Watch out!



















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