Red Juice Space Adventure with Colgate

We received three huge packs of Colgate Space Adventure series. My son was sitting on pins and needles and wanted to jump into the activity headfirst. We had two issues to find time to sit and work on them. 1- His school was on and 2- My younger one had to be kept away else she would have played the space destructor!! So finally one Sunday morning my son and I woke up early in the morning, sneaked out of the bedroom and went on one of its kind Space Odyssey!!

The packs were split open and the characters were cut out with tender loving care. Next came the assembling part which was easy as well. The characters came with easily mountable semi-circle stands. Now the stage was set.



Then the story unfolded-

So there was this astronaut, let’s call him JS. JS came to know that the Sun was losing its power and will soon extinguish. Many aliens also came to him and asked him to do something to save the Sun from being extinguished.


JS did some RESEARCH and came to know that Sun needed some ‘’Red Juice’’ to regain its fire power. Without the red juice, Sun will not glow as bright and Ice Age will begin.


The magical Red Juice was available in a faraway galaxy. JS decided to take help of his baby sister and what a coincidence…the little sister too was a space walker! First they chose appropriate clothes from their wardrobes- A yellow space suit for JS  and a green one for Li’l sis ‘’LS’’. However JS confessed that he would have liked to own a red spacesuit as that is his favourite colour.

They had a huge range of spacecraft to choose from. They chose a sturdy two seater which they named ‘’Safari’’. It was an all-terrain space craft with ‘’four wheel drive’’ and ‘’jet power’’ to take them quickly to that faraway galaxy of Red Juice. Their space craft is so good that it can fly, float and navigate on bumpy planets as well.

They embarked on their adventurous space journey. The first trouble they had was a space blizzard…lots of dust and debris. But their space suits kept them safe from all that. Next they came to a planet where a war was going on between Aliens and space robo-cops. Both peacenik brother sister duo asked them to not fight as it is bad manners to hit, bite, kick or scratch anyone. The aliens and robo-cops became friends and gifted JS and LS an advanced GPS device which will take them to Red Juice galaxy real quick.

JS and LS said their goodbyes to them and with the help of GPS device landed on Red Juice crater. (Mommy’s morning juice shot was intelligently incorporated in the story…mommy was MIGHTY impressed!)


They filled a big jar with red juice and flew back towards the Sun. Sun had a long sip of the red juice with a straw and said a big thank you to JS and LS. He told them he was feeling much better and his fire power energies were coming back.  Astronaut JS and space walker LS also reminded the Sun to clean his teeth with Colgate after finishing the juice else his teeth will rot.

JS and LS sat in their space craft and were home even before their mamma knew that they were not home! On reaching home, they quickly hid their space suits and changed into their night suits.  The best part was – ‘’Mamma ko pata bhi nahi chala that we went on a space adventure’’


I’m blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate.



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