VLCC And Weight Loss #VLCCStyleStatements


I am no exception to the tribe of women who are constantly unhappy with their body. Positive thoughts be dammed!

Post child-birth almost all women go through a phase of self-neglect and I am no exception. We immerse ourselves so much with childcare that our health as well as fitness goes for a toss. Then begins the never ending saga of diets and huffing and puffing on the gym equipment.

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I got lucky- my lucky charm ‘’World of Moms’’ gave me a free trial to experience the weight loss sessions at VLCC. To be honest, I have always been sceptical of weight loss sessions by VLCC and this was a good time to see if the proof was in the pudding.So reached their Vashi centre one fine morning. The place itself is very spacious, well planned and puts you at ease immediately. The staff was super courteous. Their Head nutritionist Sonali briefed me about the entire session and then I was told to change into a robe.

Firstly, they measured my height and weight and calculated my BMI. Next they took measurements and come hail or high waters, I am NOT disclosing them here!! They had different names for the 3 sessions they gave me, but I am sticking to laymen’s language and describing them as I saw them. So part one required me to lie down and they fixed muscle stimulators on me which vibrated at different intensities. OMG! Super ticklish but after sometime, you get used to the sensation and I thoroughly enjoyed my 30 mins of it. At the end of the session, I was surprised to see how much I have sweated…well that felt good!

Next came a session which included a cloth iron like equipment, only larger and sturdier. I have termed it ‘’Human Press’’! So my therapist got at work and used that equipment which gives some heat, on all the wobbly parts. This session too lasted for half an hour. The therapist too was very courteous and kept asking me if I was comfortable, or if the heat she was giving me was the right temperature or not.

The third machine they used on me was the ‘’Slimsonic’’. It is a combination of Heat plus vacuum. It has a nozzle like thing which kind of sucks at your skin and at the same time, releases some heat. Again…very ticklish! However the vacuum pressure can be adjusted to your comfort levels. Post this session, I was given a very relaxing powder massage and I was done!

Then came the time to check if all this vibrating, tickling, vacuuming has done any good to my vital statistics! Lo and behold, I was measured again and there was a difference of 2-3 centimetres in all my girths!! Also, my weight was down by 400 grams in ONE single session, RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES!!

So here’s my take on it and even Sonali said the same thing- there is no alternate to eating right and exercising when it comes to weight loss, however these treatments expedite the process and show you faster and reliable results in your journey for weight loss.

I would say that VLCC is a one stop shop for all your weight loss woes. They give you an all-encompassing guidance on diet and nutrition, suggest you the right treatments according to your requirements and see to it that you reach your weight loss goals.

I wouldn’t be saying this but the measurements and the weighing scale didn’t lie. The proof was indeed in the pudding.

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